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ITEX Announces "Executive Privileges Program" To Address Industry's Biggest Challenge

ITEX Corporation (OTCBB:ITEX) is launching an Executive Privileges Program in an evolutionary move that promises to move the largest U.S. barter company to a higher plateau. The program will provide a series of key benefits to its 22,000 membership base.

"The Executive Privileges Program provides real value in areas we believe will help small businesses succeed. Members are being provided more reasons to join ITEX than merely being able to transact business in our cashless marketplace. We are expanding our business proposition with added services, delivered by well known companies," stated Steven White, Chairman and CEO.

"By adding support services for our business base, we seek to maximize our sales effectiveness and increase new member registrations through our franchise network," White explained. "We will announce the first Executive Privileges component on Tuesday, April 3, and then announce additional programs thereafter on each Monday through the end of April."

New Program Will Leverage Company's 22,000 Membership Base To Attain Leading Brands

ITEX is expanding member benefits to include new services aimed at improving member business profitability. By teaming with some of the leading brands in industry — to provide discounts, personalized services, and added value — the firm will extend services complementing those that members currently offer each other.

The Executive Privileges Program will utilize the bargaining power of the 22,000 ITEX member businesses, with their 100,000 employees, to derive benefits that individual members could not get on their own. ITEX intends to re-invest any revenue derived from the program to attract and retain more members.

Improved Web Site Launch

ITEX has also launched a new version of its web site. The purpose of the new site design is to:

·         More easily communicate ITEX community benefits to new member prospects.

·         Integrate the Executive Privilege Program offerings.

·         Change the site's look and feel to facilitate greater interaction among the company’s member businesses.

ITEX, headquartered in Bellevue (WA), processes more than $250 million a year in transactions through 22,000 member businesses managed by 95 franchisees and licensees.

For more information on ITEX contact Alan Zimmelman, or go to