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ITEX Adds Co-branded MasterCard To Executive Privileges Program

ITEX Corporation (OTCBB:ITEX) announced it has launched a co-branded MasterCard as part of its Executive Privileges Program. ITEX is offering members a business MasterCard, with which their members have 60 days interest free on all business purchases.

The credit card will ensure that ITEX members can stretch their payment schedules without having to negotiate extended terms with numerous suppliers. This is a super value for inventory control, as one of the greatest challenges that small businesses face is how to stretch payment schedules to ensure that they can meet their operational requirements.

�The ITEX co-branded MasterCard provides a great tool for managing cash flow,� stated Steven White Chairman and CEO. �Our Executive Privileges Program is all about ITEX helping its members improve their profitability and increasing cash flow and is at the heart of improving a business� profitability.�

�The 22,000 member(s) represent a great opportunity to grow the use of MasterCard with small businesses,� stated David Zalik, partner of Green Sky Financial. �(They) represent an important part of MasterCard�s future and our relationship with a marketplace like ITEX represents a significant way for us to be successful with this segment.

�With credit limits up to $500,000 and 60 days to pay your statement interest free (not 30!), this is simply the best credit card for businesses. It is the smartest way to buy inventory...and everything else,� he added. �ITEX�s CEO Steven White has been relentless in his pursuit of this program for almost a year, and we believe this is a super value add for the business members at ITEX.�

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