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ITEX 28th Annual Convention A Blockbuster!

The ITEX Corporation (OTCBB:ITEX), a leading marketplace for cashless business transactions in North America, reported that its 28th annual national convention, held at the Orleans Resort and Hotel in Las Vegas (NV) during May 17-19, was a huge success.

�Each year ITEX hosts a premier international convention for its franchisees, brokers and staff � the largest in its industry. This year�s theme,� said CEO and Chairman Steven White, �was �Healthy Attitude - Body - Business.� We dedicated a solid three days to strategizing, sharing ideas and learning from each other. The Orleans Resort and Hotel staff went above and beyond to ensure that we enjoyed a memorable event.�

Convention Highlights:

         Monday � Owners Day

Opening comments by ITEX CEO Steve White with Q&A session, followed by sessions for franchise owners that focused on how to grow and manage their businesses.

         Tuesday � New Member Registrations & Customer Service

Focused on how to hire effective sales people, prospecting tools, sales presentation tips and strategies, plus closing techniques along with a concurrent full-slate of sessions on customer service best practices and techniques.

         Wednesday � Corporate Overviews

Presented by the ITEX�s CEO and Vice Presidents, with an evening Awards Ceremony and dinner celebrating the achievements of franchisees this past year.

�ITEX is committed to raising the bar in every area to support growth,� commented White. �We have more than doubled the number of corporate employees attending this year�s event � a statement indicating that we will not relax our efforts to continue to build a strong network and dominate the cashless marketplace industry,� he concluded.

Special Attendees:

Bob Meyer, Publisher of Barter News, received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the cashless industry. Bob, a former pitcher for the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Angels, re-invented himself after his 11 years as a professional athlete to found BarterNews in 1979.

Jerry Howell, President of Midwest Barter and author of �The Complete Idiot�s Guide to Barter and Trade Exchanges,� presented his strategy for working with nonprofit organizations, helping them realize the value of barter in fund-raising and offsetting cash expenses.

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