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ITA�S Jack Schacht Seeking Alliances Within Barter Industry

Jack Schacht�s Shop As You is launching its beta test with several non profits before Labor Day. Participating nonprofits who have already enthusiastically jumped into the program include several public charities such as The Humane Society and Habitat for Humanity, youth organizations such as Bethlehem Center and Hope for Tomorrow, senior citizen organizations such as The Council on Aging and The Elder Care Planning Council, and a mix of churches and other religious organizations.

Many barter exchanges already have several nonprofit members who can benefit from this free fundraising program. By enrolling a nonprofit you receive a full 12% of the gross profit on all sales for the first year and renewal commissions on an ongoing basis in subsequent years.

Shop As You Give provides nonprofits with their own free online department store, loaded with thousands of high quality brand name consumer products that people buy every day. Prices beat a solid majority of other online retailers and, in some cases, beat or meet the prices of ALL other retailers. The store can also be customized with the nonprofit�s logo and other branding elements. They can even eliminate product categories that might conflict with their mission statement.

Nonprofits receive 30% of the gross profits, 100% of all donations at checkout, and full reports on their supporter�s purchases � all without any staff requirements.

Interested parties can e-mail Jack personally at

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