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Is Boredom Cramping Your Style?

People who are chronically bored are missing out on a lot of opportunities. Can you improve your job or job performance? Is it time to consider a different job? Or do you need to concentrate more on how your job effects others and less on the paycheck?

When you can�t change your job to eliminate the boredom, you have to change your state of mind. Give your brain some new challenges, even if they aren�t work-related.

Changing the way you spend some of the time can cause a domino effect on the rest of your time. Try these pointers:

      Do something that will make you smile. Go to a movie, a sports event, out with friends or to the mall. Buy yourself a little gift or a surprise for someone else.

         Read something unique. Pick a book by an author you�ve never read, or an article that will stimulate your imagination.

         Get some exercise. Physical activity will get your blood pumping and stimulate endorphin production, making you feel energetic and happier.

         Take a break or even a little snooze. This may be difficult for some, but closing your eyes and drifting off for just five to ten minutes will leave you feeling refreshed.

         Explore your surroundings. Don�t ignore the sights on your way to work, or even at work. Pay attention to all you see. Not only looking for something different and original, but admiring the beauty you haven�t noticed before.

         Rearrange your space. Sometimes shifting things around at home or at work can force you to look at your surroundings, and your life, in a new light.

         Volunteer. Helping others is a terrific antidote to the boredom blahs. Doing good things makes you feel good.

         Change your routine. Take a different route to work. Start the day with something new, instead of the usual �to do� list. Shake up your day, and interesting things may come your way.

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