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IRTA International Convention Coming To Pennsylvania

The International Reciprocal Trade Association has announced details of its upcoming 31st annual international convention, with the timely theme of �Modern Barter, Leading the Way to Global Economic Recovery.� The event will be held October 28 through October 30, at Pittsburgh�s convenient downtown Hilton Hotel.

�We expect this convention to draw over 125 attendees representing more than 75 trade exchanges from all over the world,� offered IRTA Executive Director Ron Whitney. �We will feature nationally renowned and powerful speakers, with seminars on sales, modern brokering, social networking, media training, technology, community currency/time dollars and much more.�

�The �Modern Barter, Leading the Way to Global Economic Recovery� conference theme will provide an excellent opportunity for us as an industry to demonstrate to the business and financial communities how the process of Modern Trade and Barter is on the leading edge of global economic recovery,� stressed IRTA President David Wallach.  

Mike Krane, President of Greenapple Barter Services in Pittsburgh, asserted, �We are proud to be able to host this year�s IRTA convention and incredibly excited by the energy and buzz that has been created by the IRTA team. This will certainly be a convention that no one in the industry should miss.�

Prior to the convention, on Wednesday evening October 27, Greenapple Barter will be hosting their huge Trade Show at the Pittsburgh Convention Center. All IRTA convention attendee companies are invited to participate in this remarkable trading opportunity by taking a booth at the show, which will feature 150 vendors and 1,000 attendees.

For more info on the IRTA convention and registration go to, or e-mail Ron Whitney at

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