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IRTA Global Board Sets Ambitious Goals For 2011

On January 21st the IRTA Global Board of Directors met, finalized, and released their goals for the coming year. �The Board carries on an excellent IRTA tradition in outlining and planning for the future direction of our industry,� offered International Reciprocal Trade Association president David Wallach. �We have already assigned 2011 goal oriented projects to Board and Committee Members for completion over this year.� 

�IRTA will continue to be a major pro-active advocate for the Modern Trade and Barter Industry around the world. (This) will be another great year for IRTA as our industry continues to grow and gain even more recognition for the bundle of benefits we bring to businesses,� said IRTA Executive Director Ron Whitney.

Goals For 2011

         Maintain and significantly enlarge the membership of IRTA and UC (Universal Currency).

         Continue to provide a high level of services that benefit the global modern trade and barter industry.

         Identify and implement additional opportunities for commerce between the corporate barter and commercial barter sectors of our industry.

         Continuation of Operation Outreach, by developing modern trade and barter lesson plans and syllabuses for presentation in economic departments of business schools and universities, in order to educate the future leaders of the business and financial community regarding the benefits offered by our industry.

         Review and update the IRTA By-Laws and Code of Ethics as necessary.

         Further develop the IRTA Euro/Asian Chapter.

         Plan for 150+ attendees at the 2011 IRTA International Convention.

         Pursue implementation of a social media program.

For more information on IRTA click here.

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