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IRTA Global Board Participates In Norwegian Festival


Following the IRTA Global Board meeting of June 5 in Kragero, Norway, Global Board members Mr. Sirri Simsek, Dr. Oi Kum Lee, Mr. Dariusz Brzozowiec, David Wallach, Mary Ellen Rosinski and executive director Ron Whitney, played a significant role in the Norway Philosophy of Money Festival held in the same scenic village June 5, 6 and 7. The festival featured Socratic dialogues, friendly confrontations and facilitated discussions on philosophy and money, interest and complementary currencies, profit and ethics.


The event attracted participants and observers from around the world, including leading economists, educators, monetary visionaries and complimentary currency advocates and network operators. Speakers and presenters included Thomas Hylland Eriksen, vice president Norwegian Central Bank; Margrit Kennedy, author and educator; monetary philosophers Christel Fricke and Carola Von Villiez; monetary reformists Jose Luis Ramos, Lars Hektoen; educator and university professor Declan Kennedy.


IRTA Global Board members participated as presenters:


         Sirri Simsek delivered an excellent and detailed explanation of Islamic no-interest banking.


         Dr. Oi Kum Lee explained how her network in Singapore is providing directly to government owned facilities with outstanding success.


         Dariusz Brzozowiec gave a moving account of how Polish business is coping with aggressive capitalism in a down economy.


         Mary Ellen Rosinski presented an interesting and easily understandable session on how modern trade and barter companies function to the benefit of small businesses.


         David Wallach described how the Modern Trade and Barter industry is funding and providing capital for small business that is leading to significant increases in worldwide employment.


         Executive Director Ron Whitney facilitated a festival segment that highlighted various points of view regarding how to make the best of our current global financial crisis.


The Philosophy of Money Festival was hosted and directed by noted monetary reformist Edger Kampers and well-known musician Rob Van Hilton, who co-own and direct Qoin Norge a community currency network.

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