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IRTA Europe Meeting Deemed Great Success

IRTA Europe is pleased to report the meeting in Gliwice, Poland, was a great success. The conference was organized and hosted by BCI Barter Systems� Dariusz Brzozowiec; his team did a tremendous job for all who attended.

The meeting was represented by nine countries with 25 attendees from following organizations:

BCI Barter Systems, Poland
BexB, Italy
EBB-Euro Barter Business Belgium, Belgium
EBB-Euro Barter Business BarterServ, Germany
EBBS-International Business School, Netherlands
Efficio, France
NuBarter, USA
Metro Trading Association, USA
Qoin, Netherlands
TBEX The Business Exchange, Scotland
Turk Barter, Turkey
IRTA President David Wallach and Executive Director Ron Whitney, USA.

         During Elections, the members voted on a new European Chapter Executive Committee as follows...

President: Richard Logie, The Business Exchange in Scotland
Vice President: Rob van Hilten, Qoin in Netherlands
Treasurer: Dariusz Brzozowiec, BCI Barter Systems in Poland
Secretary: Reiner Husemann, EBB-Euro Barter Business BarterServ, in Germany

         Discussion about both the upcoming Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on Payment Services in the Internal Market.

The group has discussed the working document of the EU. In fact the EU will regulate all payment systems, which also effects the barter industry. After short deliberation in the group we have come to the conclusion that we need assistance to understand the circulation and its possible impact. IRTA will order an assignment to summarize and determine the impact of the working document, and will receive a guideline for how the industry should react.

         IRTA Trust: A topic of discussion presented by Reiner Husemann was to form the IRTA Trust.

This program would have other IRTA Trust members take over existing trade exchange clients should one file for bankruptcy or go insolvent. In theory, this would avoid the overwhelming negative impact on the industry seen in the past and minimize it in the future. While not yet approved, further discussions are planned on how to implement such a complex program and will continue at the next IRTA meeting in September at IRTA�s 29th annual conference at the Westgate River Ranch in Florida.

         IRTA Consulting Service: IRTA has secured a talented group of professional consultants that will support the members of IRTA.

This type of service will be extremely valuable to any start-up or existing company. Specialists, for example, include: accounting, marketing, sales, taxes and lobbying. All members will have access to these types of support channels. (For more information please e-mail: Details forthcoming on the IRTA web site

         IRTA 2008 Annual Convention: September 22 - 25 at the Westgate River Ranch in Florida.

Scheduled are several days of networking events, team-building, learning and fun!

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