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IRTA Elects New Board President At Jamaican Convention

Barter industry veteran and alternative-currency expert Annette Riggs was elected as the Board of Director�s new president at IRTA�s 33rd International Convention in Ocho Rios, Jamaica earlier this month.

She has over 30 years experience in the barter industry and a variety of non-cash execution business models, including small business trade exchanges, large corporate barter transactions, and complementary currency applications. Annette was the co-founder and president of, which was the first application of barter services for the online marketplace. Prior to that endeavor, she created Denver-based Anso Marketing Group with the aim of developing in-house barter divisions for mid- and large-size companies and barter finance operations.

Annette also successfully operated retail trade exchanges as well as serving as a niche-market barter media consultant. She has a passion for supporting new innovation and cooperation across these disciplines and is currently the founder and managing director of Community Connect Trade Association (CCTA) in Denver. Its purpose is to combine commercial business-to-business trade with a consumer trade based loyalty system.

�The trade and barter industry currently faces great challenges and great opportunities,� declared IRTA president Annette Riggs. �I am inspired by the foundation that has been built over many years by committed members of the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA). I am confident that with the collaboration of our global board of directors and our membership, we can meet these challenges and help shape the future in a positive way that benefits trade and complementary currency system constituents worldwide.�

IRTA�s Executive Director Ron Whitney, added, �Annette is one of the brightest lights in the barter industry, she will lead IRTA and our industry to heretofore unimaginable heights.�

For more information on the International Reciprocal Trade Association click here.

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