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IRTA Designates Bartercard First Official Certified Trade Exchange

The world’s largest trade exchange has been accredited with the designation of “certified trade exchange” under the precepts and sponsorship of the International Reciprocal Trade Association.

(To become an IRTA Certified Trade Exchange requires providing supporting evidence, via letter from a qualified CPA or local tax professional, that the exchange has filed 1099-B’s on time for the prior tax year.

Additionally, the exchange must provide a copy of its membership agreement along with a brief explanation of how the agreement handles deficits in the exchange system, i.e., what assurances/protection have been met for ensuring the value of the trade dollar issued.)

The announcement was made April 9 by Executive Director Krista Vardabash and Global President Lois Dale at the IRTA Conference, “Uniting People & Standards In A Cashless Trading World,” held in Istanbul.

Bartercard is located in 16 countries and has 120 offices. Over 70,000 businesses are members of the exchange and last year global trade volume totaled A$1.3 billion.

Bartercard is now a public company, trading on the Aim Market of the London Stock Exchange.