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IRTA Conference Held In Amsterdam

Both IRTA�s Global Board and Europe Chapter Board met in the Netherlands near Amsterdam on March 24 and 25. The board meetings addressed comprehensive agendas and were followed by a mini-conference complete with keynote speaker, marketing seminars, and trading session.

There were 45 attendees from eleven countries (United States, Spain, Poland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, China, Singapore, Canada) at the conference. Therecia Venema of E Banc Trade Netherlands arranged the event with the Hotel Harrlem Zuid, and graciously sponsored an after-dinner canal cruise with transportation and drinks included.

The IRTA Global board discussed the IRS Stakeholders Reception attendance in February, unsubstantiated reports of barter statistics from fictitious organizations, and their upcoming September international conference in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida.

The IRTA Europe Chapter examined the importance of continued unity, especially in light of a recent BBC report about the EU cracking down on alternative methods of funding potential terrorists. The members also voted for chapter leadership:

President�Reiner Husemann (EBB, Germany)
Vice President�Richard Logie (TBEX, Scotland)
Secretary�Therecia Venema (E Banc Trade, Netherlands)
Treasurer�Dariusz Brzozowiec (BCI, Poland) 

�Once again, I am proud the IRTA was the unifying force that brought together so many different countries, so many different exchange models, and many different perspectives on the industry,� Krista Vardabash, IRTA Executive Director, asserted.