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IRTA�s UC Announces New Stimulus Program For Members

The International Reciprocal Trade Association reports that the Universal Currency (UC) program has been setting new trading records virtually every month this year, and UC/IRTA wants to keep the positive momentum going!

UC has a trade dollar surplus, because it operates as a zero-balanced based inter-exchange system and maintains a healthy loan-loss reserve fund. As a result, the UC Committee and the IRTA Global Board of Directors has announced the rebate of 1,000-UC trade dollars for every UC member in �good standing,� effective immediately. (Good standing is defined as a regular UC account that is neither past due with its UC cash fees, nor over its trade credit line.)

According to IRTA executive director Ron Whitney, this stimulus will further increase UC trading and allow more members the ability to attend IRTA�s 33rd International Convention this year in Jamaica, from September 13 through 15.

For more information e-mail or click here for the web site.

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