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International Monetary Systems Second Quarter Earnings

In the second quarter ending June 30, IMS Barter processed more than 14 million in trade transactions, generating gross revenues of $1,810,654, compared to $1,596.594 in the second quarter of 2005.

Total expenses for the quarter increased 23% from $1,398,551 in 2005 to $1,722,046 in 2006, attributable to the recent acquisitions and the hiring of new salespeople.

Year-to-date gross revenue for the six-months ending June 30 totaled $3,552,990, compared to $2,738,976 for the same period in increase of 30%. Total expenses for the same six-month period were $3,435,649 in 2006, compared to $2,531,812 for increase of 36%. Total year-to-date net loss for the first six months of 2006 was $68,597, compared to a profit of $96,558 for that period in 2005.

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