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Interconnected Barter Relationships Constitute Strong Company Infrastructure

When establishing an ongoing barter purchasing arrangement, it is necessary to be cognizant of your supplier�s needs. For example, if you require $12,000 worth of a company�s services on trade, you must guarantee them this amount of business each and every year � without fail � because they expect it and rely on it.

To cement the relationship further, members of your staff should interact with theirs to assure smooth interaction; thus ensuring more profitability for your barter supplier.

With the above in place, the final consideration to be discussed with your supplier is the implementation of a cooperative effort regarding their spending appetite within the trade exchange. You and your supplier must both realize that the viability of your ongoing relationship revolves around their ability to spend the $12,000 you provide, as well as other business derived through the exchange.

It therefore behooves you (and the exchange�s management) to assist your supplier in establishing their own long-term relationships with various exchange members. Because when such relationships are in place, there is less likelihood of running amok down the road.

Such planning is taking place in exchanges across the country, as astute business owners realize that strategic barter relationships transpose into greater profits for their companies. Furthermore, such alliances create a much stronger trade exchange, as these interconnected agreements constitute an infrastructure of enormous strength within the business community.

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