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Interactive Radio Has Arrived!
Consumers Can Now Link To Anything They Can Hear

SkyClix revealed the Los Angeles and San Diego launch of the easiest way to interact with radio stations � by simply dialing #SKY (#759). It is the first service in the world that allows mobile consumers to identify on-air content and advertisers from radio stations.

There is no fee to use the service. It is an ad-supported service that enables consumers to link with radio advertisements, communicate directly with radio stations, identify songs and broadcast content, share with their friends, and automatically post to Facebook. The universal number, #SKY, works with FM radio stations in the major metro areas of California.

By simply dialing one number, consumers can link to anything they hear, call in to radio stations, enter contests, receive information and coupons for advertisers, and more. It also works on television broadcasts, linking consumers to programs and purchase opportunities for MTV and American Idol. Consumers are able to link directly to advertisers� commercials and receive information on the product right on their phone or web portal.

The service does not require users to download an application to their handset or launch an application to manage content. Additionally, it is carrier agnostic, allowing anyone to use the service no matter which mobile phone carrier they use.

Using SkyClix #SKY service, consumers dial #759, hold the mobile phone up to the speaker of the radio or television for about 15 seconds, and within one minute the consumer receives information on whatever they were listening to. Consumers can then act on the information by downloading a coupon, calling the advertiser, mailing the DJ, entering a contest, and more.

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