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Innovative TV Production House Cuts Barter Deal With GE’s NBC

Generally, Hollywood production companies are financed by the major media giants, which then own most of the entertainment content that is produced. That will not be the case for two of television’s biggest names.

Former Paramount Pictures president Gail Berman and former ABC Chairman Lloyd Braun have created a new model for a TV production house.

The new company, BermanBraun, will operate as an autonomous studio...primarily focusing on TV. Actively seeking distribution partnerships, they inked a 3-year deal with General Electric’s NBC Universal on March 5.

And part of the deal had a barter component...

In return for NBC picking up unspecified overhead costs, BermanBraun will offer the media company first dibs on any TV content it produces.

What do you think? Are you in a creative business, one where you could provide a first chance to some company in exchange for a needed service?