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IMS Re-brands NTA Trade To Become IMS Corporate Barter

International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:ITNM), worldwide leader in business-to-business barter services, has announced that it will officially re-brand NTA Trade as IMS Corporate Barter.

CEO Don Mardak declared, �Since acquiring NTA Trade in 2006, we have operated it as IMS�s corporate barter division while keeping the name NTA Trade. This served to maintain familiarity with existing members. However, now that those members understand that IMS can bring them the same service plus an enormous retail barter channel, we feel confident that we can now re-brand NTA Trade more appropriately and accurately as IMS Corporate Barter.�

When acquired, NTA Trade and its subsidiary Illinois Trade Association together were considered the largest independent trade exchange in North America � offering both corporate and retail barter services. NTA Trade represents 450 corporate clients, including several recognized publishers, hotel chains, manufacturers and distributors.

John Strabley, IMS Executive VP, noted, �This not only represents a new name, it also represents a new protocol between our retail and corporate divisions. We feel this will deliver a higher level of synergy within our broker network that well result in more dynamic trading between both divisions. All of this means more trading opportunity for members.�

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