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IMS Gobbles Up Nation�s Largest Independent Trade Exchange...Schacht & Varner�s NTA/ITA

In 2003, a BarterNews cover story (issue #61) was titled, �IMS Quietly and Methodically Is Building A Barter Juggernaut!�

The story began, �Don Mardak�s gentlemanly, at times reserved demeanor masks a competitive zeal and a will to win that is second to none in the commercial barter industry.� (Click here to read cover story.) 24-40covstory61.pdf

National Trade Association (NTA) and it�s subsidiary, Illinois Trade Association (ITA), in business since 1983 and the largest independent trade exchange in America, is joining forces with International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:INLM). IMS Barter will now possess a huge client base of 15,000 quality member businesses and over 22,000 cardholders.

Don Mardak, CEO of IMS, was ecstatic, �This merger of America�s two leading trade exchanges adds a whole new dimension to our company. NTA/ITA owners Jack Schacht and Joan Varner are two of the most respected people in the barter industry.

�Their visionary leadership over the years has set new standards for all of us and has established a level of excellence that few have been able to emulate. We couldn�t be more pleased than to be associated with these two outstanding people. Both will work with us during the transition and will continue to share their wisdom with us in the future.

�From our perspective, NTA/ITA is the �Jewel in the Crown� among our acquired trade exchanges. This transition will have a greater impact on our revenue and trade volume than any others have had in the past.�

Mardak also emphasized that in the acquisition he would be utilizing the personnel of NTA�s National Trade Division, which provides IMS Barter with an instant entree into the world of corporate barter, where larger transactions are consummated between manufacturers, major hotel chains, airlines and national advertising venues.

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Additional details regarding the merger can be seen in the form 8-K filed by International Monetary systems at: