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IMS Files Second Quarter Report

International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:INLM) has unveiled its Form 10-Q report for the second quarter of 2008. During the three months ended June 30, the firm processed more than $29 million in trade transactions, compared to $27 million in the same quarter in increase of over 7%. The $29 million trade volume generated gross revenues of $3.5 million, compared to revenue of $3.4 million in last year�s second increase of 3.5%.

Total expenses increased 5.5% from $3.5 million in the second quarter of 2007 to $3.7 million in the current period. The increased expenses were attributable to the continued high cost of new-member enrollments, plus higher non-cash charges for depreciation, amortization of membership lists, and stock issued for services.

In spite of higher revenues, IMS had a net loss from operations of $161,020 in this year�s quarter, compared to a loss from operations of $86,859 during last year�s second quarter. After adjusting for interest expense and the income tax benefit, the net loss for the current period was $64,193, nearly the same as the $64,090 for last year�s second quarter.

During this year�s second quarter, IMS generated gross revenue of $7.0 million compared to $6.7 million last increase of 5.0%. Total expenses increased from $6.8 million last year to $7.5 million this year during the same quarter. The net loss from operations was $470,289 for the first six months of 2008, compared to a loss of $135,516 for the same period last year.

Further details in the Form 10-Q document can be accessed at For more information on IMS go to

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