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IMS Barter�s Online Sales Hit New Records, Expansion Planned For 2011

International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:ITNM), a worldwide leader in business-to-business barter services, announced the kick-off of its first Cyber Holiday Season, entitled �The Twelve Days of Christmas.�

John Strabley, Executive Vice President of IMS said, �This new online program, which was made possible through the implementation of our new software system, provides us with a much stronger platform as an e-tailer and has the potential to become one of the most successful promotions that we have ever done.

�IMS members already have a great advantage over their peers and competitors who are not involved in the trade exchange,� Strabley continued. �Our clients can fulfill their holiday shopping needs without cash, but also are able to purchase everything at the wholesale cost of their own products. This powerful economic tool of barter helps them move their excess inventory, conserve their cash, and be more profitable at the end of the year. Because of its success, we intend to expand our e-commerce platform in the coming year.�

�The Twelve Days of Christmas,� provides IMS members with a large selection of highly desirable items that are specifically offered only through the online marketplace. Each morning for the first twelve days of December, opt-in IMS clients receive an e-mailed marketing announcement listing that day's featured items, and an invitation to shop the entire inventory of merchandise presently available online.

Unlike traditional e-commerce sites, which are usually hosted by one retailer or are a collection of small sellers, the IMS marketplace currently lists products of more than 250 merchants whose average offerings total more than $48,000. On any given day, there are $12 million to $15 million worth of products available.

After just the first two days of implementation, online sales volume was up more than 700% over the same period last year, and the company�s overall Internet traffic has also set new records. In addition, the program has attracted several of IMS� corporate barter clients who are making significant purchases to satisfy their corporate holiday shopping needs. The highest volume of buying has been done on merchandise such as jewelry, electronics, household products and other gift items.

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