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IMS Barter Creates Broker Division For Entrepreneurs

At the company�s recent annual meeting, it was announced that IMS Barter desired to expand and grow the company organically. Most industry insiders believed such an announcement meant the company would be looking for additional sales personnel to hit the streets for new member solicitations and sign-ups.

But IMS CEO Don Mardak had a surprise for the industry when he announced on July 5, �In addition to hiring sales people who will help us expand our existing markets, we have created an Independent Broker Licensing Division.�

IMS Barter, now located in 37 U.S. markets, is actively looking for entrepreneurial-minded individuals who are interested in building an IMS Barter office in their local markets. With the announcement Mardak also revealed that the first licensee will soon begin operations in Naples and Ft. Myers, Florida.

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