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IMS Annual Report Outlines Achievements, Growth

International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:INLM), one of the largest publicly traded barter companies in the world, continues to expand its locations...serving more than 16,000 customers (24,000 cardholders) in 44 markets across North America.

In their 2006 annual report they reported the processing of more than $72 million in sales-only trade transactions. Revenue generated from these transactions totaled $8,782,666, an increase of 42%. IMS also acquired five trade exchanges, including North America’s largest independent barter system, Illinois Trade Association, along with its corporate barter division National Trade Association.

Total assets nearly doubled, increasing by 92% and book value nearly tripled, increasing by 271%. This was due to $4 million in equity investments from a hedge fund, which was used to finance the five acquisitions and retire long-term debt with financial institutions.

Despite dramatic increases in gross revenue, operating income and operating cash flows, IMS still experienced a net loss. This was chiefly due to non-cash adjustments for depreciation, amortization, and partial impairment of membership lists in specific markets.

The company incurred significant income tax expense despite the net loss, primarily due to the difference in accounting and tax treatments of intangible assets and goodwill.

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