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Huge Barter Complex Planned In East Malaysia

Terminal Will Cater To Japan, China, Singapore, South Korea, USA, Thailand, Germany, Brunei, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea

A first of its kind barter terminal that will encompass a grain warehouse, bunkering area, customs, immigration and quarantine complex, along with a commercial centre is expected to be completed in three years with ground-breaking ceremonies to commence in July.

The terminal will be developed on 46 acres in the Batu Sapi area of Sandakan, Sabah ( East Malaysia). The area was chosen because of its strategic location near the Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, where commodities and natural resources have been traded with the West for centuries.

Among the goods to be exchanged will be grains, timber, food products, livestock, palm oil, electrical products, beverages, tobacco, and chemicals.

The terminal will cater to 90 vessels of 150 gross tonnage each, per day. Windsor Trade, a local company, will manage the bartering services without any financial assistance from the government.