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How To Motivate Part-Time Employees

Here are some proven methods for motivating and retaining part-time employees:

  • Orient them properly. Take 15 minutes to describe job duties and go over the basic rules.

  • Assign a mentor. The part-time worker will feel more like part of the team, and the mentor will feel good about the added responsibility.

  • Mix up the workload. Don�t overload part-time workers with grunt tasks only, it�s demoralizing.

  • Eliminate any hard feelings between part-timers and full-timers. Make sure full-time employees know their jobs are not being threatened.

  • Offer flexible hours. By allowing flexible work hours, you�ll retain your part-timers longer, eliminating the need for costly retraining.

  • Offer financial incentives. Set up a bonus plan for part-time workers, based on company revenues. Give them a reason to get excited about their jobs.

  • Set higher wages than standard. It will prevent competitors from raiding your part-timers, thus forcing you to hire new ones.

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