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How Do You See Yourself?

Most entrepreneurial business owners see their �business personalities� in distinct terms, according to the latest survey by Open Small Business Network, American Express Company�s small-business unit.

When asked to choose, 34% of the owners in the survey characterized themselves as managers, or big picture people, who like making things run smoothly and improving how employees work together. They enjoy the operational part of the business.

Second, at 27%, came what the poll labeled the heroes, or those who take to solving the difficult problems facing a company. Next, at 16%, were the rainmakers who find new business, while 11% of the owners see themselves as artists, more involved in creating products than running the business

Only 4% of those surveyed would characterize themselves as mavericks, or risk-takers, those who sometimes take up projects for the sense of adventure alone.

Owners were also asked what their No.1 pet-peeve was regarding employees. Although the largest percentage (35%) didn�t have any one pet peeve, for those who did, showing up late for work and lack of initiative were at the top of the list.

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