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Google's Competitors

In last week's article titled “Google's First Year With DMarc Educational,” we did not include information on competition they face from other automated radio sales firms.

One such company is SoftWave Media Exchange which allows marketers to choose stations and schedule their campaigns well ahead of time. Likewise, station managers can set prices and review campaigns before they run.

These capabilities have helped SoftWave build a network of stations in the top 50 markets that reach about 11 million listeners on an average quarter-hour basis, compared with dMarc’s 947,000. Most importantly though, station managers are comfortable selling premium inventory through SoftWave, since about 70% of its traffic falls in this category.

Additionally, Bid4Spots, a Los Angeles-based digital clearinghouse, employs a reverse-auction model in which multiple stations compete to sell their remnant inventory to a single buyer during weekly online auctions.

Because stations have nothing to lose when unloading unwanted inventory, they drive prices down during the auctions...benefiting the buyers. There are more than 2,300 stations participating nationwide in the Bid4Spots system.