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Google Pushes To Become One-Stop Media Ad-Buying Platform

How do you leverage the 400,000 advertisers who bought Google-brokered online ads or ads on Google�s own sites as of last year? Try tapping into a much larger marketplace�the huge U.S. advertising arena (electronic, outdoor and print).

Google�s recent $1.1 billion purchase of radio airtime broker Dmarc Broadcasting shows that they have a huge aspiration, eyeing a much larger portion of the nearly $300 billion that�s spent annually on advertising.

Dmarc has contracts with more than 4,600 radio stations to provide services such as filling ad spots for targeted audiences. Commercials can be purchased to play alongside specific songs or chosen for certain markets. The company also sells systems that automate accounting reports.

Those traits, accountability, efficiency, scale and immediate results, are very similar to what Google does in selling online advertising (AdWords) that is tightly targeted to users searching for specific terms on the Internet.

Google has experimented with print media (reselling magazine and newspaper ads), and recently launched an online video store that many analysts believe will include TV-like commercials.