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Entertain Clients Without Spending Big Bucks

You can often really �wow� business clients without spending an arm and a leg, if you just take a few minutes to do your homework up front.

Begin by getting to know your clients a little better. Find out what their interests are. What do they enjoy doing with their spare time? What types of foods do they enjoy? Don�t hesitate to directly ask them these types of questions in advance.

Then, research the client. Befriend them on Facebook. Google them. Find out what you can about them with just a few minutes of effort. The goal of this research is to create a list of things you can learn about your client. What do their Facebook status updates show that they value and deeply enjoy? What groups are they a member of? What about their Twitter feed?

Don�t worry if you don�t share the same interests as your client. What truly matters is that you respect your clients� interests and seek out something engaging, worthwhile, and memorable for each client during their time with you. For example, if you discover that your client is a wine connoisseur, take them to a local wine tasting or present them with a bottle of their favorite varietal. You can make a lasting impression at an inexpensive price.

Just like the basic rules of personal finance, you can spend in the areas that truly matter, and save in other areas. If you take the time to learn about your client, showing that you�re truly interested in them, your small expenditure will have valuable results. And if your spending incorporates a barter component, that value is gained at an even lower cost to you.

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