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Don Mardak To Appear On iTV Barter Network Tuesday, January 6

Bob Meyer, publisher of BarterNews, and David Cooper, founder of the iTV Network, will be talking with a special guest, the CEO of IMSBarter, Don Mardak, one of the giants of the Modern Trade & Barter industry.

Mardak founded his barter company in 1985 from his kitchen table. Today IMSBarter is located nationwide and boasts a corporate barter division. IMSBarter is a publicly-traded company.

Mardak has been one of the leaders of the commercial barter industry having served in both industry associations. He�s twice served as president of the National Association of Trade Exchanges, and is currently on the world-wide Board of Directors for the International Reciprocal Trade Association.

Mardak will share with the iTV audience where he foresees IMSBarter moving in the days ahead, what makes the company unique, and his vision of the future for the commercial barter industry.

Viewers will be provided with a unique opportunity to become a part of the IMSBarter trade network, where one can immediately begin making barter sales and buys, with nearly 20,000 member businesses across America in a network that has more than $150 million of quality products and services to choose from.

The IMSBarter trade dollar is one of the strongest in the industry. And the company�s trade-marked motto is, �Changing the way the world does business!�

Spend time with Don Mardak, an accomplished pioneer in the commercial barter industry. We trust you won�t want to miss this very special show on Tuesday, January 6, at 3:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.

To view the show see

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