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Digital Signage Growing Due To Flexibility, Efficiency

Digital signage—those increasingly ubiquitous television and plasma-screen displays in shops, train stations, banks and other public spaces—is giving companies the ability to change messages quickly and target them more effectively than traditional ads.

While digital signage is a relatively new market it is expanding rapidly. Research and consulting company Frost & Sullivan estimates that companies spent about $148.9 million on displays, software maintenance and related costs, in 2004. They project that total reaching $490 million by 2011.

Digital signage is appealing for a variety of reasons:

  • The centralized control ensures that all promotional campaigns are guaranteed to start at the same time.

  • Materials can be created and distributed faster than through usual means.

  • Each digital display carries multiple advertisements, usually six although some carry more.

  • Companies can distribute new ads in minutes, whereas usual billboards take days.

The market for digital signs is expanding into diners, health clubs, arcades, bowling alleys as well as retailers...particularly clothing or home improvement stores. More digital media means greater barter opportunities in the marketplace as well.