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Commercial Barter Industry Faced With Unique Opportunity In Changing Times

Monetary expert Thomas Greco Jr., author of several books (latest is �The End of Money and the Future of Civilization�), sees exciting possibilities ahead for the barter industry. Greco believes the barter industry has an unusual opportunity to play a large role in our changing economy/society. Here�s a quick look at his thoughts on the subject in a recent e-mail regarding the �Occupy Wall Street� movement.

�I've been watching with great interest the OWS movement and am encouraged to see that so many people are no longer willing to tolerate the status quo. I've posted a few items about it recently on This may be the surge that begins the kind of real change that people have been looking for.

�Demonstrations and other expressions of discontent can help to inspire people and encourage them to act, but that energy must be applied in ways that can effect real change. I'm generally optimistic about the prospects for a successful metamorphic change in civilization, but it will require us to learn radical ways of sharing, cooperation, and organization.

�If we are to make the necessary shift of power away from Wall Street and Washington, we will need to reduce our dependence upon their systems and structures (like political money and banks) and organize new structures that empower people. Let�s work together to provide the direction this movement needs.�

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