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Cash-Flow & Getting Paid Are Growing Concerns For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial business owners anticipate more growth opportunities in the next six months, according to an American Express poll. But they also have concerns about their ability to handle any expansion. 

In its semi-annual survey, 56% of respondents indicated there would be possibilities to expand their businesses. And 41% said they had plans to increase investments, add new products or services, or move into alternative markets.

At the same time there was an increasing concern about managing cash-flow with 62% citing it as a priority.  Of those with cash-flow concerns, 35% said getting customers to pay their bills topped the list, while concerns about the ability to pay their own bills were cited by 26%. When it came to a cash-flow crunch, 30% of the owners with such worries said they would delay planned purchases.

Editor�s note: Concerns about one�s business are ongoing and ever-changing. But an effective action, which will solve some of the day-to-day concerns, is spending the time to focus on your barter efforts. The added purchases on trade will automatically increase cash-flow, enabling your company to continue moving forward.

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