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BizXchange Earns Certified Trade Exchange Designation By IRTA

Seattle-based BizXchange announced that it has been named a Certified Trade Exchange by the International Reciprocal Trade Association. The certification is only given to companies that have met strict guidelines set forth by the Association.

(To become a Certified Trade Exchange, a company must provide information regarding their compliant operations and how they operate their exchange—providing supporting evidence from a qualified CPA that 1099-B’s were filed on time for the prior tax year. The exchange must also provide a copy of its membership agreement and an explanation of how the agreement handles deficits, i.e., what assurances/protections have been met for ensuring the value of the trade dollar issued.)

“It is a great honor to be named a Certified Trade Exchange by IRTA,” exclaimed BizXchange president Bob Bagga. “BizXchange has been diligently working to help our members efficiently maximize their business by acquiring products and services without the use of cash. This designation validates our business model and our company’s sound business practices.”

BizXchange has more than 1,000 members throughout San Francisco and Seattle. For more information go to:

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