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Bed & Breakfasts Push Two-For-One Program To Increase Occupancy

With gas prices climbing it is anticipated that many people will choose to stay closer to home this Memorial Day weekend. They are additionally expected to opt for lower priced lodging and cheaper restaurants.

American Historic Inns� bed and breakfast (B&B) members have come up with a program that will allow you to stay at half price at some of the most interesting, most luxurious and most historic country inns and B&Bs in the nation.

Instead of staying one night, you can stay for two...for the same price with this program. There are 1560 B&Bs and country inns listed in the 18th edition of the �Bed & Breakfasts and Country Inns� that offer the two-for-one program.

Editor�s note: In addition to this program, the B&Bs should be interacting with the commercial barter industry to increase their low occupancy.

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