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Beyond The Limits Of Cash or Credit

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Be Informed, Take Action, Embrace Barter

Times change, and we too must adjust. The good news is that even with economic changes, you can do just fine when you�re aware, motivated, and take action. Knowledge is power that can become your ally in achieving greater economic security.

Begin with a greater focus on reduction of debt and lowering overhead. Next, pay attention to cementing those special relationships with your most valued customers � the 20% that bring you 80% of your sales, because they�re the backbone of your business.

Moreover, with the power of knowledge, you can be confidently aggressive and pro-active in your strategy. Thus, this would be an excellent time to pursue those prospective clients you�ve always wanted to do business with. Because of lagging sales in the environment, prospective clients will be more willing to listen to you when you use the greatest closing there is: �And remember, you don�t have to pay me in all cash!�

When economic changes occur, many business owners will lose their bearings. But with knowledge and awareness, you will be different. You can stay focused and be positive about your company�s strategy to offset the vicissitudes in the economy. Remember, some of the world�s greatest fortunes have been created in chaotic times.

The good news is that even with the economic changes ahead, you can do just fine when you�re aware, motivated, and take action.

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