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BBX Expands Into Another Major Field�Wine

Few things in this world are as succinctly simple yet delightfully complex as wine�or as old.

The act of pouring a glass of wine, inhaling the bouquet, sipping the elixir, and savoring the taste is a satisfying and hedonistic treat that has captivated mankind since the dawn of civilization.

Business Barter Exchange (BBX), one of Australia�s largest barter companies, is expecting wine trading to become a significant new income stream for the company. Michael Touma, Managing Director, says they are establishing a wine fund to expand trading among their members nationwide, as well as exporting wine to BBX franchisees elsewhere around the world.

BBX expects to provide a minimum of $5 million, and possibly up to $10 million, in premium wine inventory to its members on a full-trade basis in the coming year.

Editor�s note: In our April 4 Tuesday Report, we related BBX�s formation of a real estate fund for property acquisitions that would be used to acquire desirable real estate in Australia and New Zealand. (Click here to read more.)

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