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BarterXchange Appoints Ian Jones CEO

Dr. Lee Oi Kum, Executive Chairman of BarterXchange Ltd., has announced the appointment of Ian Jones as Chief Executive Officer. Jones, formerly Managing Director of Bartercard in the UK, USA and New Zealand, was a driving force behind the company’s phenomenal success. A veteran in the commercial barter industry, he has been involved in barter globally for 13 years.

In his new role, Jones will focus on growing BarterXchange into a global brand spanning across Asia and the United States.

“We will expand into Malaysia in May or June this year. It is a resource rich economy with a very wide range of industries which will benefit from embracing barter as a business tool,” Jones explained.

“BarterXchange, widely acknowledged as one of Asia’s fastest growing trade exchanges, is poised for further expansion into other parts of Asia. And as we expand across the region, we will bring on board foreign talent...especially experienced trade brokers and sales managers,” he added. “This is in line with our human resource strategy of attracting the best talents to help us move forward and grow into a global organization.”

For more info contact Danny Koh, e-mail