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Beyond The Limits Of Cash or Credit

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What's Your Barter I.Q?
(Imagination Quotient)

Barter Requires Common-Sense And A Different Way Of Looking At Things

Admittedly, we're all creatures of habit, and our prior conditioning. Since we were little kids we've all been conditioned to think "cash." But when you stop to think about it, actually what we want is not the little green pieces of paper, but what the cash will buy us.

Through the imaginative use of barter the same results can be accomplished without first having to earn the cash.

What's involved? Essentially nothing more than having common-sense and using your ability to look at a situation from a different perspective.

It's the creative way to compete. For example, when you look at a shelf loaded with slow-moving widgets can you imagine exchanging them for something else...a new ad layout, the printing of your company brochure, or a page of advertising?

Or can you visualize the unfilled time slots in your practice, being transformed into a profitable business meeting over a sumptuous meal in a local r estaurant, or an enjoyable meal with your loved one?

Or can you see your production line operating full-time and using the extra production for bartering purposes to acquire that new resurfacing needed for the company parking lot?

Obviously, only you truly know what your situation is... what your company and personal needs are. We all have them. And all that's needed to get started is a little time for brainstorming!

If you're stuck on how to begin, simply reach for your company (or personal) checkbook. See what you've paid cash for over the past year or two. Make that your beginning list.

Next, consider what items would help your company's growth and expansion. Then add many of the "dreams" you just couldn't afford on a cash basis, like the luxury vacations. You list will g-r-o-w. And you'll be filled with excitement, anticipating the exhilarating days ahead!

Of course, to complete the trading cycle, you should realize "to get, you must give." So be sure to compile a list of what you can trade...your products, services, use of your space or equipment.

Then set up a long term trading partnership with your trade exchange, so you can rely on acquiring those needs on a regular, on-going basis.

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