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Bartercard Processes More Transactions Than American Express & Diners Club Combined

The world�s largest barter company, Bartercard Plc., with 25,000 Australian businesses which are members of the barter organization, has affirmed that they process more transactions (in Australia) than American Express and Diners Club combined!

In addition, Bartercard Australia has formed a strategic alliance with four major Australian banks�Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank, St. George, and Westpac Bank. The group agreed to Bartercard�s system of linking its barter platform with point-of-sales electronic funds transfer (EFTPOS or EPOS).

According to CEO Wayne Sharpe, greater bottomline profits will result. He explained, �The (previous) Bartercard New Zealand experience is such that approximately 70% of transactions are processed electronically, at a cost of up to 50% less than a (hand-processed) voucher transaction.�

Sharpe said that Bartercard Australia accounts for over 65% of Bartercard�s revenue; its largest cash expense is head office administration printing, distribution, phone authorisations and processing of vouchers. Since members will now be able to buy products by making an EFTPOS transaction rather than filling out a voucher, Sharpe concluded, �The net effect of this strategic alliance on our bottomline should be substantial.�

Bartercard Deploys Online Log-in Protection

The world�s largest trade exchange ( is working with internationally renowned SentryBay to deploy the first global online log-in protector across Bartercard�s 17-country franchise network.

Customers who deploy the optional software (which takes one click from any international Bartercard web site) prevent any keylogging spyware from monitoring member log-in details.

New Zealand-based SentryBay Corporation ( has sales offices in North America and the United Kingdom. It has five current products, and licenses its patented anti-keylogging technology for use in protecting log-ins within third party software applications.

Originating in Australia in 1991, Bartercard has expanded through franchising to 17 countries internationally. The firm is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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