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Bartercard Operations Moving Into India

The highly fragmented barter business — a cashless transaction where one trades a product or service for another — is set for a sea change in India with Bartercard, the world's largest exchange, announcing its foray in the country.

Australia-based Bartercard plans on commencing operations in June/July. It will be the largest market yet to be entered by Bartercard, which presently has a membership of over 55,000 members/businesses and is located in 12 countries. (Over 23,000 in Australia.)

The Bartercard operations license has been given to Indian businessmen Rakesh Thapar and Ashoka Bhanwarlal Motha. Recruitment of the management team has begun and training of personnel will commence in May for India's operations.

Bartercard Chairman Wayne Sharpe pointed out, "India is a huge market with great potential and we are delighted to have made this license sale. We are actively looking to increase Bartercard's presence further in Asian countries."

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