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Tamouh, the pioneering real estate developer, joined public and private sector entities from the international community at the recently held UAE-France Partnership Forum 2007 in Paris.

The trade exhibition came about as a result of the need for a barter agreement between the two nations, as trade between the UAE and France has increased steadily over the past ten years. The event served as a platform for local business drivers to stimulate Emirati economic growth and encourage bilateral trade with France through the promotion of products and services from a variety of companies in the public and private sectors.

The Partnership Forum is a key point for the UAE and France to come together for mutual cooperation and economic benefit through an open discussion on exchange between the two nations. In its position as the sixth largest economy in the world, France remains a key ally to the UAE. With the strong history of business partnerships between the two nations, the G8 member continues to contribute to the global trade presence of the UAE.

Commenting on the exhibition, Joe Ong, CEO of Tamouh, said, �As an Abu Dhabi-based real estate developer it is essential that Tamouh participate in discussions such as the UAE-France Partnership Forum. Through the Forum, Tamouh and other business entities will benefit from new industry partnerships and investment opportunities on both local and international arenas.�

Tamouh is the primary developer of Al Reem Island, with key projects such as Marina Square and City of Lights comprising 60% of the development. The Abu Dhabi-based company is also responsible for Fantasy Island, Meena Plaza, the Royal Group Headquarters, and two blocks of the multipurpose project Danet Gateway.

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