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Barter Media Solutions Unveils Multi-Million-Dollar Resort Industry Program

Barter Media Solutions (BMS) has announced the roll-out of a $200 million stimulus plan designed to help resorts and hotels throughout the world in today�s challenging economy. The plan allows independent resorts as well as chains access to $250,000 to $10 million in advertising, to help sustain and grow business. The BMS Resort Industry Stimulus Plan provides a major boost to their advertising budget, paid for with guaranteed new sales of room-nights that would otherwise go unsold.

With a substantial advertising allowance for radio, TV, internet, print and much more, the BMS� stimulus plan provides hotels, resorts, and convention & visitor bureaus with immediate aid to their advertising budget. The stimulus plan allows hotel and resort owners to boost efficiencies, plus convert their otherwise unsold rooms and meeting space into real currency that can be immediately used to purchase major advertising campaigns.

BMS guarantees in writing that hotels and resorts will make new room night sales through BMS at least equal to the amount they advertise using the Resort Industry Stimulus Plan.

For more information on BMS� Resort Industry Stimulus Plan click here.

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