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Barter Media Solutions Announces Launch Of $200 Million Economic Stimulus Plan.

The plan provides companies with an immediate revolving credit line of $25,000 to $2 million for purchasing all major forms of advertising.

�The government has spent hundreds-of-billions of dollars bailing out banks and large corporations. Unfortunately most small to medium sized businesses did not receive government bailouts, and the banks that received bailout funds are still holding back on their lending to small businesses, making it increasingly more difficult to access funds,� says Jay Greenlees, president of Barter Media Solutions.

�Many companies find themselves in a tight cash squeeze and feel compelled to cut back in some of the most important areas they need to continue to invest in: advertising, branding and marketing. Barter Media Solutions� $200 million dollar economic stimulus plan is designed to help any cash-strapped small or medium sized business.�

Businesses need to advertise to develop branding and market awareness, to gain new clients and market share, and to continue to grow. During these challenging economic times, a business needs every advantage possible to sustain and grow. The economic stimulus plan from Barter Media Solutions gives businesses this opportunity through revolving credit for the purchase of major advertising.

Companies using the plan pay for the advertising with guaranteed new sales of their products and services. Barter Media Solutions financially guarantees each company will make new sales at least equal to the amount spent on advertising through its $200 million dollar stimulus plan.

Barter Media Solutions was formed by Marc Hatch and Jay Greenlees to provide an innovative set of financing solutions to meet the growing needs of small to medium sized businesses that are finding it increasingly difficult to get access to funds to meet their advertising, branding and marketing needs.

For more information about this stimulus plan call Jay Greenlees at (702) 216-2940 ext 101, or  click here.

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