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Barter Industry Goliaths Report Similar Numbers

International Monetary Systems and the ITEX Corporation recently reported their recent performance metrics, and their numbers are both dramatic and similar. This head-to-head competition by two strong CEO’s, IMS’s Don Mardak and ITEX’s Steven White, who lead and represent well-run, ethical organizations is very positive for the commercial barter industry.

IMS Metrics:

Trade volume for February totaled more than $8 million. (This amount represents the sales side of the transaction only.)

Gross revenue billed was nearly $1.1 million.

New-client enrollment was an all-time high at 239.

ITEX Metrics:

Trade volume for the four-week period ending March 15 was $17,339,587 (Both sides of transaction.)

Gross revenue billed was over $1.1 million.

New-client registration was 272.

For more information on International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:INLM) see:

For more information on ITEX (OTCBB:ITEX) see: