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Are You Keeping Your Customers� Satisfied?

No matter what type of products or services you provide, you might learn from your impressions of the restaurants you frequent. One simple observation will usually give you a quick first impression of how well the place is run. Do they keep your water glass filled? If no one tends to the water glasses, youare_you_keeping_your_customers_satisfied.htm probably feel that this particular restaurant�s management doesn�t care about customers.

What are the things in your operation that communicate to your customers and clients whether you care or not? Take a look at those things and make sure all of your people are addressing them.

The following might be a good starting point:

  • How are your employees dressed?

  • Are your employees well groomed?

  • Is your place of business neat and clean?

  • Does your place of business reflect and warm, friendly, well decorated atmosphere?

  • How are the manners of your employees towards customers � even when they�re stressed?

  • Are your employees smiling when interacting with each other?

  • Are you smiling when you greet and work with your customers?

  • Are you still smiling when the customer leaves?

  • Are you setting a good example for your employees in all of the above areas?

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