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Barter Driven TV Network Scores With No Interruption Movies

White Springs TV is a television network that broadcasts via satellite directly to viewers’ homes, to independent and cable TV stations across America, and video streamed worldwide on the Internet. The format is an eclectic mix of movies presented without commercial interruption.

White Springs does run commercials, but they air between movies and are clustered among cartoons, short subjects, two-reel comedies and vintage TV clips. The station’s satellite signal covers all of Canada, USA, Mexico and part of Central America.

Almost anyone in those countries can get the signal with a small dish and KU Band digital receiver. The dish and receivers cost about $150 to buy outright. Unlike Dish Network or Direct TV, there is no monthly fee charge for programming.

“About one out of five films we run is a Made-For-TV Movie, mostly from the 1970s, ‘80s and early ‘90s,” related Victor Ives, veteran broadcaster and founder of ITEX media in the ‘90s, who started the network. “An ABC Movie of the Week is a lot more enjoyable when it isn’t interrupted every ten minutes by commercials for abdominal machines, psychic readers or patent medicines,” Ives said.

“So far, the biggest viewer response is from classic and not so classic movies from the early days of Hollywood, including B-pictures from the so called Poverty Row studios,” he added. “Another big hit is theatrical release cartoons and musical shorts called ‘Soundies,’ filmed in the ‘40s with such music greats as Stan Kenton, Fats Waller, Cab Calloway, the Mills Brothers, Spike Jones, and Dorothy Dandridge.”

FTA (free to air) viewers have over 80 space channels to watch free. There are a number of ethnic and religious stations, also PBS (Public Broadcasting), some sports franchises, and a couple of the alphabet networks have become FTA providers. It is anticipated that as viewing options expand a rapid growth of people will switch to the free channels, rather than pay monthly fees.

In 2006 White Springs began contracting with TV stations and cable systems, becoming the first over-the-air television network to offer feature length movies without commercial interruption as a regular format.

White Springs now has outlets in areas of California, Connecticut, Maine, Virginia, Florida, Kansas, Michigan, Alabama, Washington, South Carolina, Oregon, and Nevada. There is a cable system as far away as Guatemala, and negotiations are underway for the network to expand to Canada.

Besides the usual direct and cable systems, thousands of viewers are watching the channel via internet-video streaming...with viewer reports coming in from England, Scotland, Australia and Dubai.

“In a few years,” Ives remarked, “we can't see why our network ought not be on the air in every market in America. The construction (of Congress-mandated upgrading to digital channels) is going to cost stations plenty, so why wouldn't our no-cash barter option be a popular way to fill one of these channels?”

The name White Springs TV comes from the name of a small town on the Suawanee River in Florida. That's where Ives and his partners purchased a satellite uplink facility that beams the programming 22,500 miles into space...then back to earth.

For television information see, and for the radio network, or contact info@whitesprings.TV.