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Awards Unveiled At Annual IRTA Convention

Long time industry veterans Sally Selbman (American Trade Group) and John Strabley (IMS) received the top honors in September at IRTA�s annual convention.

Sally Selbman became the second woman to obtain admission to the barter industry�s Hall of Fame award for her more than 30 years of contributions to the industry. �Sally is a true treasure of our industry,� offered IRTA president, Annette Riggs. �David Wallach, along with Selbman, built one of the strongest exchanges on the west coast and Sally has devoted endless hours to improving the barter industry over the last three decades. She is a much deserving recipient of the prestigious Hall of Fame Award.�

John Strabley, CEO of IMS was recognized for his exemplary achievements by receiving the Paul St. Martin Distinguished Service Award. �Strabley worked incredibly hard for IRTA and the industry this last year. He has served on numerous committees and materially contributed to virtually every important initiative IRTA put forth since he joined the Global Board last year,� revealed IRTA executive director, Ron Whitney.

Other award recipients were as follows �

David Wallach Outstanding Achievement Award:

  • Ron Whitney, IRTA Executive Director

Outstanding Achievement Award:

  • Scott Whitmer, Florida Barter
  • Scot Mathewson, iTradeearth
  • Annette Riggs, Community Connect Trade
  • Harold Rice, American Exchange Network
  • Kim Strabley, IMS
  • Dea Allgood, BizXchange
  • Terry Brandfass, Trade Management Consultants
  • Michael Mercier, Metro Trade

Legend of Barter Award:

  • Brian Hall (CEO), Bartercard International Group
  • Trevor Dietz (COO), Bartercard International Group
  • Lee Brandfass, Trade Management Consultants
  • Dale Mardak (COO), IMS Barter

Sales Ambassador Award:

  • Catherine and Barry Cohen, BCLSoft/Barter21

Executive Director Award:

  • Patty Weston, UC International Broker

UC Broker of the Year Award:

  • Jodi Yardman, NuBarter

Appreciation Awards:

  • Paula and Andrew Pairman, Anbell Trade Exchange, Ltd.
  • Michael Hering,
  • Paul Bolte (CEO), Bartercard New Zealand
  • Bruce Kamm, Virtual Barter
  • Sergei Serdyuk, Nextrade 360
  • Kurt Bradley, Trade Studio
  • Gary Field, NuBarter
  • Kent Johnson, Saturn Barter
  • Mary Ellen Rosinski, TradeSource
  • Perry Constantinides, Barter Systems
  • Chip Davis, The Trade Authority

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