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RTE, Corporate Barter Group, Revs Barter Sales With High End Automotive Marketing

The list of products and services available through trade has just gotten longer—and better. RTE, Corporate Barter Group, based in Rochester, New York, has been selected to serve as marketing agent for Zimmer Neo-Classic Motor Car Company, the Syracuse-based manufacturer of neo-classic cars.

RTE will be responsible for marketing and sales activities for the limited-edition automobiles, including identifying and selecting potential auto dealers in the Western New York region. RTE will also handle all barter transactions involving these beautiful showpieces.

By definition a neo-classic car is any motor car manufactured after 1948 which is designed to look like it is a pre-1948 classic. Produced originally between 1980 and 1988, the Zimmer Golden Spirit was a well-recognized luxury car. An estimated 1,400 Zimmers of that era were manufactured before the company went bankrupt.

In 1997, Upstate businessman Art Zimmer purchased the company—which coincidentally had the same name as his own—and again began producing the cars in limited quantities. No more than 40 cars will be manufactured each year in order to ensure the highest quality possible.

It was RTE President Stephen Webster's appreciation for classic cars and his national barter affiliations that made his company a solid choice as marketing agent.

“The first time I saw a Zimmer car I fell in love with it,” he says. “The distinctive look and shape make it extremely eye-catching. It's a conversation piece as well as a luxury vehicle.”

Neo-classic cars take the long, opulent look of old luxury cars and pair them with updated machinery.

The 1997 Zimmers are built on a Lincoln-Mercury base and equipped with dual air-bags, a 4.6, V8 engine, all power steering, high level audio system with CD player, reclining bucket seats, 6-way power, all leather interior, speed control, California emission approval, keyless entry, anti-theft, as well as German crystal bud vases.

And at 18 feet long—about the size of a limousine—the Zimmer takes up more than one parking space.

One of the major drawbacks of owning a classic car is that parts are difficult to find. Thus making repair and upkeep expensive and time-consuming.

However, since the Zimmer is built with a new Lincoln-Mercury engine, drive train and mechanicals, the cars can be easily serviced and warranted by any Lincoln-Mercury dealer.

Three models will be available by mid-1998. The two-door coupe is currently available at a price of $68,900. The four-door sedan is built-to-order at a price of $69,900 and the convertible will be available in the spring of 1998 for $74,900.

While classic car aficionados are clearly part of the company's target market, Webster anticipates that many Zimmers will be sold to companies for use as a sales promotion tool.

Since the car draws attention wherever it appears, it is perfect for use in parades, classic car shows, and rallies as a draw for sales events...or to transport corporate guests and VIPs.

RTE, Corporate Barter Group serves as the link between buyers and sellers, promoting barter transactions among its clients in Upstate New York and affiliates across the nation.

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