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ATX Community Barter Site Launched

The new ATX Community Barter site ( went live on Friday, February 1, 2013. After almost five years of �semi-retirement� from the barter business, Anna and Tom McDowell have developed an online barter program geared primarily to consumers and businesses which sell to consumers.

�I can�t tell you how many times during the nearly 30 years of owning American Trade Exchange, that we had to turn away people who contacted us wanting to barter,� shared Anna McDowell, ATX President. �Tom and I talked about the vast market that consumers represent as potential barter clients, and how someone, someday, needed to find a good way to get them involved. We think that day has come with the ATX Community Barter program.�

While ATX is not the first to develop an online consumer barter presence, they are the first to develop the program using �ATX Trade Dollars� � the same type of barter currency successfully used by commercial barter companies around the world. In addition to the unique use of trade dollars to simplify transacting trades, ATX has also gone through the legal process of being licensed to sell ATX Barter franchises (

�We are currently licensed in 37 states and will be adding more as time goes on,� noted Tom McDowell, Director of Franchise Sales for ATX. McDowell will call upon his 20+ years experience as the BarterTrainer, to train franchisees on how to run, manage, and sell the barter business.

According to McDowell, ATX will initially be offering franchise territories (determined by zip codes) to many of those entrepreneurs that he has trained in business-to-business (B2B) barter networks over the years. They also plan to offer the consumer barter program to select B2B trade exchange networks, ones in which their members would benefit from access to a new nationwide consumer network.

�Creating a site that was user-friendly and fast was the easy part. Developing the accounting and communication programs took more time than we expected,� explained Anna. �If we hadn�t been designing and developing barter software (Barter Solutions) for 30 years, I don�t know if we could have created the right platform for the consumer barter site.�

With CraigsList�s barter section getting over 250,000 listings a week, now is the perfect time to teach the public how to take advantage of all the opportunities barter provides.

For more information, contact Tom or Anna via e-mail at or, or phone 239-450-0816. (Complete details can also be found at the web sites in the above article.)

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